The V&A waterfront approached us to create a variety of colourful and eye catching elements and characters that could be used to create magical scenes that represent the V&A Kids “world”/activities. Since we created each illustration as stand-alone elements they could then be composited together in various ways to create multiple scenes and campaigns. The illustrations have been used to create posters, archways, wrapping paper and even colouring in sheets for children over the festive season. Not only do our playful somewhat surreal illustrations talk to kids, but also they are also recognisable for adults since they are inspired by the environmental and architectural elements around the V&A Waterfront.



Illustrator: Ree Treweek
Colourists: Ben Winfield & Ree Treweek,
Producer: Nina Pfeiffer
Client: V&A Waterfront
Agency: The Haas Collective.

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